My goals today

  1. Get Husky card
  2. Get bus pass
  3. Geoduck meeting @ 1:30p
    • notes from meeting:
      • How frequently to sample
      • Why are animals limited to 80?
        • because feeding of live algae is limiting
          • benefits of live algae vs. paste
            • paste better because doesn’t mess with pH and we can have more animals that way

Assessing Global DNA Methylation with ELISA kit

We want to determine global DNA methylation in:

  1. polyploid oysters (triploids vs. tetraploids)
  2. sea lice
  3. heat stressed polyploid oysters

The Cgigas male gamete genome = 15% CpGs methylated (Olson and Roberts 2014, Gavery and Roberts 2013) **This is not the global methylation; 15%/total CpGs are methylated. The Global methylation includes CHH, etc and of all Cytosines typically about

Ploidy and methylation: