Equipment brought to hatchery:

  • HgCl2 (stored in safety cabinet
  • 100um silos (15 total)

Equipment returned from hatchery:

Debrief with Sam:

  • Extra spray bar plumbing under sink in dry lab
  • repirometry:
    • calibration to stickers, factory calibration is better than recalibrating. All read around 200umol/L at start of trial
    • ziploc baggie has all the vials
    • SDR plate needs to be secured to rotator for next trial (tape, etc.)

FFAR Call 11-12:30:

Experimental set-up

  • look at Sam’s paper to determine timepoint for measuring acute stress

  • played around with setup
  • img
  • got a conical 2 going with variable low pH treatment and conical 3 going with ambient