• Ran 1 respirometry trial with 1 animal/vial; each animal from different silo
  • filling vials (tried something different):
    • filled 2.5qt HD buckets halfway with 20um filtered treatment water (this would probably be better with a vaccuum filtration unit, syringe filtering is pretty terrible)
    • placed 12 vials in 24-well plate (as holder to maintain silo ID) and submmerged in treatment water
  • added 1 animal to each vial
  • brought back to lab by carrying buckets in light protected box
  • @4pm capped vials submerged with corresponding numbered caps
  • checked for bubbles - dried with microfiber towel the kim wipe - placed randomly in 24 well reading plate
  • started trial @ 4:08pm and stopped @ 5:12pm
  • got total animal wet weight
    • data here:
  • got shell length
    • data here:
  • froze in liquid nitrogen
    • location: Roberts lab -80C rack 6 column 2 row 4
      • labeled “Geoduck Juveniles from Var.low vs. Amb pH parents 09-09-2019 Shelly Trigg”
  • paper on biomass vs size:

Final check and clean up

  • calibrated all 4 probes
    • probe calibration looked good for totes 2 and 3
    • recalibrated tote 1 and tote 5 probes
  • checked on flow
    • flow looked good
  • removed macomas and total animals/silo

Water chem:

Discrete measurements:

  • calibrate pH probe
    • used new Mettler Toledo probe for Orion; throwing out old one and ordering a new backup one
  • do tris curve
    • tris curve looked good
  • took discrete measurments
    • looked normal at first glance
  • ran TA I need to resolve discrepencies in my local water_chemistry directory with my online GitHub repo