Water chemistry

  • Took discrete measurments and TA
    • @11:40AM I moved Apex probes monitoring the trash cans directly into the silos
    • for TA samles I took directly from the discrete measurement water (filtered it). The discrete measurement water samples were directly from the headers and inside the silos (using clean TA cups)
  • will finish full water chem analysis ASAP, but generally things seem on point

Animal check and clean

  • silo 2.1:
    • Used transfer pipette spoon to sift through sand to see if animals are buried. Uncovered at least 10 in 2 different areas, so Matt is right that the animals are just buried.
    • Checked the mesh to see if it’s fouling. It’s not, it looks really clean.
  • Cleaned all trash cans:
    • disconnected pipe from manifold, drained manifold, and lifted manifold off
    • lifted silos out and moved to empty tote
    • dumped all trash can water
    • rinsed trash cans with header tote hose
      • all trash cans had light brown rinse water
  • equalized flow to ~37mL/5 sec in B1 and B2, check multiple ports
  • 3.12: clamp fell into silo, hopefully it didn’t crush them
  • over all animals look good, especially those that are buried.

Algae count

  • cellometer counted 3-5E5 cells/mL in water from one port on each manifold.
  • Flow rate from the manifold port was 37 mL/5 sec = 7.4mL/sec
  • conclusion: they are getting 222,000 cells/sec. for at least 12 hours/day so it seems like they have plenty