Fri. Nov 9, 2018

Geoduck Broodstock experiment

Supplies for Pt. Whitney

  • -20C mini freezer: Steven’s going to try to pick one up this weekend, or I’ll order one next week if not in stores.

  • Ordered probe clips and hanging hooks from amazon to try to fix probes in tanks. I plan to mount the clips and hang the clip mount by zipties from the hanging hooks. We’ll see if it works.

Water chemistry

  • Apex and cameras have been offline since yesterday morning. Matt said their internet plan got canceled possibly because a bill didn’t get paid, but he will let us know when it’s back up.
  • We talked about setting up an independent modem to run the Apex systems on, and to also set the router up to auto-reset every day so we don’t have outages that could interrupt the treatment or data collection.
  • Here’s the Apex data from Oct. 26-Nov 7 and plots of the pH and temp over time.
    • it’s not convincing that the treatments still run when the internet is down so we will test this on Monday.

Reproductive Maturation Assay development

  • Grace shared some info about tissue samples for RNA extraction and qPCR
    • need to select samples based on development stage
    • need to design primers for VTG and b-actin
    • need to find the qPCR protocol and make sure we have all the reagents

Repeated hemolymph sampling: geoduck status @ SAFS


  • Ducks look alive and OK

Transferred ducks to ~5L seawater

Added 5mL Shellfish diet and mixed with air stone



  • Feeding recommendations: Shellfish Diet feed per day (ml) = grams of broodstock meat (WET weight) x 0.036
    • probably could feed them a little more; ordered shellfish diet today

Written on November 9, 2018