Broodstock Experimental Setup

New algae feeding system

Matt set up a new algae feeing system!

  • all parts are listed below under the heading “Equipment received”
  • This is an image of the tank empty
  • This is an image of the tank with algae being pumped in. The algae flows in by the float valve and is then pumped straight up through the flow meter. Excess algae (not going through the flow meter) gets overflowed back into the tank
  • The next two images show where the algae goes after it passes the flow meter, up and over into the manifold which feeds the totes

Distributing Broodstock into treatment tanks

  • There were a total of ~120 broodstock that came in on 12/11/19 from Port Gamble. And there were 16 that came in on 10/17/19 (not sure where these came from; these will be used for commercial spawning)
  • Matt and I split out the broodstock randomly into the 4 experimental tanks:
    • B1 (pH7.2)
    • B2 (amb)
    • B4 (amb)
    • B5 (pH7.2)
    • we added 23 healthy looking animals/tank
  • Remaining 12/11/19 animals (~20) were put back in tank B6 to be used in commercial spawning






B3 (silos with juveniles from Fall exp):

Water chem

FFAR meeting

Equipment received

next steps:

  • check Apex probe calibration
  • run water chem samples from 10/3/2019 and 10/18/2019
  • label broodstock with shellfish tags
  • take hemolymph samples from broodstock?
  • screen, clean and count juveniles in silos from Fall experiment