Interview for The Scientist

Geoduck reproductive development

  • Met with Brent and Grace about selecting tissue samples
  • looked through Grace’s histology figs
  • came up with this list of candidates
  • need to locate hemolymph and corresponding gonad tissue
    • this is Emma’s box
    • Grace’s boxes are in rack 8, Column 1, rows 1 (Geoduck Tissue Samples + Hemolymph, 11/7/2014) and 3 (Geoduck Tissue Samples + Hemolymph, 1/2/2015, Grace Crandall)

Geoduck Hemolymph sampling #3

Initial picture of Star and Chewy
image I sampled Star first, went in about halfway on the needle and had resistance when aspirating so pulled out a little then it started coming up. After withdrawing the needle, her siphon constricted a lot and then plumped back out a little. I returned her to her tank, then sampled from Chewy and got hemolymph right away. Noticed the same reflex after withdrawing the needle only less dramatic. By the time i returned Chewy to the tank, Star had plumped out more. I moved both to a tank with ~5mL shellfish diet at 2:45pm image 5:30pm:
image Back in their flowthrough tank

Geoduck purchasing:

- 4.6L liquid nitrogen in Bagley
- 5 pumps from petco
- calcium assay (sam)

tested paint pens on shells

Judged GSS speaker session 3:30-5

Juvenile Geoduck OA RRBS data

  • bismark finished!
  • need to run rsync –archive –progress –verbose
  • need to run methylkit