Geoduck broodstock experiment

Water Chemistry


Did some analysis of TA data We got the CRMs so we can run the Dec. 12 samples and tomorrow’s samples assuming we get the replacement titrator probe working.

So far, this analysis does not include any of the variable low pH treatment. The good thing is, for the most part, there is a difference between the low and ambient tanks and replicate tanks look similar to each other. The data from Nov. 7 - Nov. 12 look odd, despite the CRMs being within 1% error for those dates and the pH calibrations seemed OK. The daily measurements don’t signal any obvious red flags. Who knows?


Didn’t get to this today. Still sifting through the data to exclude certain timepoints (i.e. tank cleaning, calibrations, etc.).


I went through a first pass analysis of the first respirometry trial Kaitlyn and I carried out on December 3. There is a difference between animals and empty chambers (controls) so that’s a sign that the animals are breathing! I don’t think this is enough data to see an actual difference beetween treatments. Also the data are not yet standarized for animal size.

Hemolymph sampling pilot

Found Star recently dead today :(
img This was more or less expected since last week she looked pretty bad. I think the conditions in the water table were less than ideal with poor circulation and without being fed regularly (I only fed them about 5mL algae paste once/week)