Geoduck Broodstock Experiment

Gonad slices sent to HCS, Inc. for histology

List of samples sent:

Order form:

Shipped through FedEx as hazardous goods of expected quantities, each of the 5 cassette jars contained 30 mL of 70% Ethanol (Stabilizer from PAXgene kit).

Low pH conditioning plans

Steven and I discussed stopping the treatment on Friday and combining the low pH group crates (Tank 1 and 2) into one ambient tote and Tank 3 and 4 crates into one ambient tote. This will make room for more broodstock and will hopefully rescue the low pH conditioned animals so we can get them to spawn/strip spawn. See slack discussion.

Oyster Seed Proteomics

Map the proteins to 2019 Uniprot accessions

For re-mapping the fasta to 2019 Uniprot accessions like Steven did in the past, I started the jupyter notebook linked below on Ostrich and it’s currently still running:

Github desktop on Ostrich

Also got github desktop to work on Ostrich by downloading this older version that I found here. With the newest version, the graphics don’t work when you remote desktop in. But this older version works fine, probably because Ostrich is still running El Cap OS.