Geoduck gonad histology scoring:

  • worked with Kaitlyn to figure out scoring for geoduck gonad histology
    • we looked at Robert Marshall’s dissertation(he was in the Pearce lab at UBC), Grace’s geoduck gonad project, and Molly’s manuscript (from Brent) for some criteria on scoring .
    • so far, Kaitlyn has recorded the data here
    • for pictures and to find a scope with a ruler for measuring oocyte diameter, I contacted Lindsay in Jackie’s lab to see if we can use theirs.

Collected supplies to bring to Pt.Whitney tomorrow

  • heath stacks
  • liquid nitrogen in the dry shipper
  • pipette tips
  • DI water
  • Mercuric chloride waste container
  • microfuge tube racks (3)
  • 1 box large gloves

Comparing alignments with different P.generosa genome versions