Salmon and sea lice

  • inventory, order supplies, and plan DNA extractions

Geoduck broodstock epigenomics

  • post analysis
  • check coverage

Geoduck broodstock molecular study to complement histology and other data

  • calculate respirometry stuff
  • calculate water chem stuff
  • review SamG.’s samples
  • consider hatchery samples

Oyster Proteomics

write notes from meeting with Steven and meeting with grace

Address what ‘normal’ development is:

  • make GIF network or Shiny app
  • networks need to be simpler (bubble plot)
  • ** just total spectra under term vs considering number of proteins…am I already doing this?

Try changing heatmap - maybe include day 0 in the heatmap of selected proteins. Describe that day 0 was not included in stats to identify differences between temps because it was common. But it is included in the heatmap for a baseline proteome reference - order by days so temps are next to each other

  1. Compare data to development papers
    • Papers:
    • Share with grace
  2. Describe GO slims enriched relative to all the proteins in the genome
    • get GO slims for uniprot mappings that have <= 10^-10 eval and see if GO slims of dev. proteomes are different
  3. Network figures
    • post issue to decide if one is better than the other

Pteropods pH x DO

  • update water chem; calculate pCO2 and aragonite sat.
  • plot discrete and logger data imposed
  • update survival analysis with Paul’s stat test8