Strip-spawned juveniles (March 17, 2019) from ambient or varibable low pH exposed broodstock

  • Installed new two-channel pump head and skinnier tubing (norprene 14) for feeding

  • did algae counts on cellometer
    • inflow:
      • Low pH header: 1.41 x 10^6 cells/mL
      • Ambient header: 1.24 x 10^6 cells/mL
    • outflow:
      • H1T8: 1 x 10^5 cells/mL
      • Last H2 tray (empty): 8 x 10^4 cells/mL
      • rate = 10ml/3 sec. = 200mL/min. = 12L/hour = 288L/day
      • 1 x 10^5 cells/mL * 288,000mL = 2.8 x 10^10 cells/day
      • counting with the sedgewick slide I only got 5 x 10^3 cells/mL (~5 cells/square * 1000 mm^3 squares = 5000 cells/mL)
        • 1.44 * 10^9 cells/day conclusions:
      • They are seeing 2,880 M cells /day counted by cellometer and 144 M cells/day counted by sedgewick
      • They should be getting 22.4 M cells/day.
      • By cellometer, they are getting 2880M/22.4 ~128X more than needed and by sedgewick they are getting 144M/22.4M = ~6X more
      • They are still getting more than needed, but are now getting less than before so it’s likely better.
  • shuffled trays around because cascading water system gives top trays more food

before shuffling

H2 stack (top tray is “Elev. Par. Hist. from T3 Elevated” but i had moved the label down to the second to bottom tray - where I was going to rotate that tray)

H2_T5 (Elevated parents)

H2_T7 (Ambient parents)

H2_T3 (Elevated parents)

H2_T1 (Ambient parents)

H2_T2 (Ambient parents, conical 2 ~2000 animals)

H2_T6 (Elevated parents; extras)

Animals from H2_T6 (Elevated parents; extras)

after shuffling

order (top to bottom) H2_T2 H2_T6 H2_T1 H2_T7 H2_T5 H2_T3

Animals seems to be doing well, but some are climbing up the walls of the tray (Brent suggested they're searching for better substrate). Hopefully they will stay happy enough. ## Sam's experiment: March 1, 2019 ambient broodstock volitional spawn - Ran water chemistry; [data here]( - Checked animals and stack - Top tray in H1 stack (elevated treatment): ![]( - flow in the H1 stack is pretty minimal