My goals for today

  1. Review geoduck literature and grant
  2. Continue brainstorming ideas for october experiment
  3. Complete Bismark analysis

    ### generated Bismark report after analysis comlpeted

  4. Update on protein stuff from Kaitlyn @kaitlynrm

    ### Oyster proteomics: larvae in two different rearing temperatures
    -experiment: 15 days of rearing; one group (silo 3) at 23C and one (silo 9) at 29C
    -questions to address:
    1. Does 23C proteome differ from 29C proteome over time?
    2. Do the two 23C proteomes differ over time (silo 2 vs. silo 3)
    -need to determine which proteins between the two groups are different (e.g. show different abundance trends over time)
    -Try ACSA Ref for ASCA ; Ref for ASCA in metabolomics time series
    -Try Random Forest (can refer to its use in MetaboAnalyst; MetaboAnalystR) Random Forest Methods in metabolomics