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Fri. Sept. 13, 2019 Pt. Whitney Juvenile Var.low pH experiment

Water chemistry Took discrete measurments and TA @11:40AM I moved Apex probes monitoring the trash cans directly into the silos for TA samles I took directly from the discrete measurement water (filtered it). The discrete measurement water samples were directly from the headers and inside the silos (using clean TA... [Read More]

Thur. Sept. 12, 2019 Geoduck Genome paper

Multi Sample BamQC Generateed multi sample BamQC report with this jupyter notebook: report here: [Read More]

Aug 15 - Sept 9, 2019 Salmon-sea lice BS seq analysis

Sea lice bismark alignments: mox script here: data here: bismark summary report shows limited mehtylation as discussed on slack here. This isn’t that surprising as the global DNA methylation ELISA data showed Female 1 only 0.56% methylated and Female 2 3.38% methylated. We had tried WGBS with high-ish... [Read More]