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Wed. Sept 26, 2018

My goals for today Work on Bismark alignments Trying different alignment score settings: Looked into bowtie2 alignment manual alignement score is dependent on matches and mismatches alignment score of 0 = 100% perfect match 1 mismatch = -6 score 1 ambinguous character = 1 if there’s a gap in the... [Read More]

Tues. Sept 25, 2018

My goals for today Get personal items from Mukilteo field station done Farewell lunch at noon done Get everyone’s thoughts on water chemistry data table for crab metabolomics paper done [Read More]

Mon. Sept 24, 2018

My goals for today Lab meeting @ 10 Meet with Steven to decide projects to focus on SAFS kickoff @ 2-5 Notes from lab meeting Sam’s working on oyster transcriptome and genome assembly Kaitlyn’s working on oyster proteomics temperature x time series analysis pharmacokinetics toolkit applicable? (Brent asked) RNA-seq time... [Read More]

Fri. Sept 21, 2018

My goals for today Review geoduck literature and grant Continue brainstorming ideas for october experiment Complete Bismark analysis ### generated Bismark report after analysis comlpeted Update on protein stuff from Kaitlyn @kaitlynrm [Read More]